Conversational IVR - interactive voice response

Make your IVR work harder—and smarter

Nuance Conversational IVR resolves inbound telephone queries through natural, human‑like interactions that encourage self‑service and increase customer satisfaction.

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Turn self‑service into an effortless experience

Nuance Conversational IVR allows customers to speak freely and resolve their issues successfully, just as if they were speaking with a live agent. It anticipates customer needs, offers personalised greetings, and changes speaking styles based on the context of the conversation—resolving cases first time and freeing your agents to focus on higher value tasks.


Encourage self-service. Delight customers. Free up agents.

Nuance's intuitive interactive voice response system enables you to create personalised, automated voice experiences for your brand that resolve customer queries, boost the agent experience, and improve your contact centre results.

Your IVR, your way

Flexibly deploy Nuance Conversational IVR on any third‑party cloud, in the Nuance cloud, on‑premises, or in a hybrid environment to deliver conversational self‑service experiences that automate inbound call resolution.

What’s more, you can even integrate its powerful, AI‑based capabilities into your existing IVR, so you can design unique experiences for your brand and improve critical contact centre metrics.

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What you get with Nuance Conversational IVR

Harness the power of our proven AI technologies, optimised over two decades of contact centre innovation leadership.

Real-world business outcomes


reduction in
misdirected calls


reduction in call abandonment


increase in IVR
Net Promoter Score

Transform your IVR from a liability into a lifeline

Discover how Nuance's Conversational IVR can help you reduce agent calls, improve call routing and increase customer satisfaction.

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