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Understand customer interactions—and make instant improvements

When your success is measured by customer satisfaction, it pays to understand exactly what’s happening across all customer interactions. But it takes some serious omni‑channel analytics muscle to get the insight you need to fix recurring issues, increase productivity, identify training opportunities, guarantee compliance and find new ways to enhance the customer experience.

You need a complete view of customer engagements across channels to streamline processes, reduce customer effort and uncover new operational efficiencies in your contact centre. That’s where Nuance Analytics comes in.

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Beyond Data and Graphs: Putting Analytics to Work in the Contact Centre

Discover how contact centre analytics can synthesise actionable insights to enhance the customer experience.

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Nuance Analytics solution for customer insights and analytics

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See the whole picture

Nuance Analytics automatically captures and analyses all omni-channel customer interactions—including calls, live chats, SMS, emails, social media posts and more—to give you actionable insights into emerging patterns and the root cause of both successes and failures. Our customer engagement analytics solutions are fast to deploy, and powerful APIs make them simple to customise, so you can quickly get visibility into the KPIs that matter most.

And that’s not all. Nuance Analytics solutions also improve quality assurance and risk mitigation, with automated agent performance monitoring and scoring, alerting and call intervention.


Everything you need to put customer experience first


Increase satisfaction, efficiency and quality. All at the same time

Improve the customer experience

When you can see—and understand—all your customer interaction data, it’s easier to evaluate your customer experience, identify best practices and areas for improvement, and determine the actions you need to take to increase CSAT and NPS.

Increase contact centre efficiency

Intuitive data visualisation helps you find new opportunities to optimise contact centre operations, so you can minimise hold times, improve first-call resolution rates and reduce average handling times. That means lower costs for you and a better experience for your customers.

Automate quality assurance and performance management

Automated performance monitoring and scoring mean you can easily evaluate agents and quickly give them the feedback, coaching and training they need to perform at their best and maintain regulatory compliance.

Omni-channel analytics use case: Speech analytics

When it comes to contact centre efficiency, speech analytics is one of the most powerful tools in your omni‑channel toolkit, giving you unique insights into customer sentiment and agent behaviour.

Read our guide, Harnessing the Power of Speech Analytics, to discover how these valuable insights can help you deliver unprecedented contact centre efficiency—and provide customer experiences that stand out from the crowd.

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