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Customer Update

July 9, 2017
Following the June 27, 2017 global malware incident that affected many companies worldwide, customers and partners have asked about the security of Nuance Enterprise Cloud and Premise solutions, as well as Nuance email and the use of Nuance systems on client sites, including through VPN.

Nuance Enterprise Cloud and Premise solutions continue to operate without issues since the incident, with no indications that any Nuance Enterprise Cloud or Premise solutions were compromised, nor any customer data accessed/taken. The malware did not cause any interruptions of availability to Nuance Enterprise OnDemand Cloud solutions.

The company’s analysis of the malware responsible for affecting certain Nuance systems, as well as the published analyses of multiple third-party security researchers, indicates that this malware does not spread via email or by infecting other files. Based on these findings, emails and attachments from Nuance should be free of the malware and it is safe to interact with email from Nuance as you normally would under your standard secure email practices.

In addition, based on Nuance’s process to remediate its Windows endpoints, a hardening process has been executed on its systems since the attack. Nuance Enterprise laptops and desktops should be free of the malware and it is safe for Nuance professionals to interact with customer systems as they normally would.

As we work to recover our network and systems, we are taking advantage of the opportunity to implement certain security enhancements to the company at an accelerated pace, as well as employing additional suggestions from the experts assisting us in recovering from the malware incident.

We are making long-term investments to enhance our security posture, including state-of-the-art network architecture, acquiring advanced malware protection services, installing next-generation firewalls with integrated IDS/IPS, and enhancing our security vulnerability scanning. This will ensure we emerge from this with a safer and more secure operating environment.

We continue to make progress on bringing our systems and support tools securely back online, and we are committed to keeping customers informed as we move forward.

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