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Reduce online abandonment by making it easy and convenient to contact a live chat agent.

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Add superior live assistance to your digital engagement

Research shows that consumers expect immediate answers from the brand in every digital channel. The inability to answer your customers’ questions can quickly drive them away. Delivering prompt live assistance instead makes your customers feel that their needs are being met.

Because Live Chat is integrated into the Digital Customer Engagement platform, you can use business rules on websites to target the right visitors at the right time with the right engagement tool. For example, use virtual assistants to engage the broader audience and answer repetitive questions. Then use live chat to answer complex enquiries and assist high‑value customers.

Increased mobile usage and a mobile mind shift led to the rise of customer service messaging. Nuance Digital Engagement Platform enables you to immediately react to your customers’ enquiries coming from messaging channels but allows them to continue the conversation on their terms.

We make sure that your customers are always engaged throughout the online experience. Features like intelligent queuing to reduce waiting times, skills‑based routing to provide your customers with the best agent to solve their issue and contextual transfer of all important information to the live chat agent enables you to increase the effectiveness of the customer experience.

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increase in conversion rate using a co‑browse tool compared to the site average


decrease in live agent transfer rates by implementing accurate agent routing rules


of all chat‑assisted sales are driven by targeted proactive chats


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Prompt live assistance makes the customer feel that their needs are being met.

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