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Citizens are consumers, and they expect a much higher level of service than ever before. The services provided by government agencies are critical. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with quick, simple and secure ways to obtain information and resources across all contact channels.

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Serve the people, maintain your budget

For more than 20 years, Nuance has delivered intelligent contact centre solutions and automated communications to government agencies. From pensions and transport services to citizen engagement and public security, Nuance solutions can help your agency provide the highest level of service with a ROI that will meet the public scrutiny placed on your budgets.

Conversational IVR solutions can reduce agent call volume by means of self-service options, while efficiently routing calls to the right agencies in your 311 contact centre. Virtual assistants, combined with live chat, can navigate website users directly to the information and resources they need and provide answers quickly and easily. Outbound messages and alerts can notify the public via voice, text or email to keep your community safe and informed. Nuance Biometrics can improve security by staying one more step ahead of fraudsters. All while reducing the costs to serve.

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NYC311 case study(pdf. Open a new window)

Read how Nuance's speech IVR solution helped NYC311 deliver a superior customer experience at a lower cost.

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Michigan Office of Child Support(pdf. Open a new window)

Learn how the state office used Nuance's call steering IVR solution to decrease call volume and cut response times.

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