Security Suite leverages AI to curb fraud across voice and digital channels

What's new in Security Suite

Put the market-leading, third-generation deep neural network solution in your contact centre, website and digital channels to streamline omni-channel customer authentication and stop fraudsters across all points of access.

Introducing Nuance next generation Security Suite

Having been in the security business since 2001, Nuance, the market leader in biometric authentication, is the pioneer using deep neural networks (DNN) for authentication and fraud prevention. Nuance now leads the market in the number of enrolled voiceprints – 300 million by the end of 2017, with over five billion transactions handled.

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With this new release, Nuance supercharges its fraud prevention capabilities while moving even farther ahead of all challengers in authentication.

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Breaking new ground

Biometric authentication and fraud prevention benefit an organisation in three specific ways. They vastly improve the customer experience with no cumbersome passwords to remember. They improve the security of traditional customer authentication and prevent account takeover fraud and data breaches. And it enables layered authentication, which allows even the highest risk transactions to be performed in self-service channels.

Nuance Security Suite V.12, our third generation of biometric security using deep neural networks, breaks new ground in biometric authentication and fraud prevention.


ConversationPrint is a new form of behavioural biometrics. ConversationPrint is a true industry first and can identify fraudulent activity in real time, based on a choice of words and patterns of speech or writing during an interaction with a human or a virtual assistant. Speech-to-text, a core competency of Nuance, is applied to short speech segments to analyse vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar – and more that are unique at an individual level.

Biometric authentication and fraud prevention

Intelligent Detectors

Intelligent Detectors are new cutting-edge technology from Nuance that makes identifying fraudsters much easier.

Channel ID
Network ID
Geo ID
Playback ID
Synthetic ID
Liveness ID

Why adopt new technology?

"Fraud is reaching epidemic proportions in many organisations as knowledge-based identity validation provides only symbolic security. This is particularly true within digital channels where username and password databases have been massively compromised, as well as the contact centre, where fraudsters leverage compromised customer data stores to answer security questions. Given this context, it is crucial that organisations adapt to this new reality and implement technologies to proactively detect and identify fraudsters. Nuance Security Suite is the only platform on the market that equips organisations with a robust and layered AI-based approach to identify fraudsters while simultaneously improving the experience for consumers."

Bretislav Beranek
Director of Security Strategy at Nuance

Many improvements keep Nuance Security Suite the standard all others are compared against

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