Core technologies—Powering omni-channel customer engagement solutions

Industry‑leading innovation meets advanced AI

Nuance core technologies power the solutions that enhance billions of customer interactions every year. Perfected through years of research and development, our proven technologies elevate the conversation with advanced AI and integrated tooling.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition brings automated customer service applications to life, enhancing customer interactions through the power of speech.


Text‑to‑Speech, more expressive and natural than ever, enables engaging and completely personalised self‑service interactions to take place across channels, day and night.

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding helps you engage with customers like never before by promoting a human‑like, conversational self‑service experience.

Voice biometrics

“My voice is my password.” These five simple words eliminate passwords, PINs and security questions to deliver a positive experience at the start of every customer interaction.

Nuance Transcription Engine

Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE) quickly and reliably delivers search‑optimised text output from multi‑speaker audio files, allowing organisations to turn enormous volumes of audio into a meaningful assets.

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Understanding Natural Language: Learning to Speak Customer‑ese white paper(pdf. Open a new window)

Learn how natural language provides a more intuitive, engaging customer experience, while improving automation rates and lowering contact centre costs.

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American Airlines (US Airways) Case Study (pdf. Open a new window)

American Airlines (US Airways) Reaches New Heights in Customer Service case study(pdf. Open a new window)

Learn how the airline improved customer experience and lowered costs with personalised, intuitive self‑service.

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Technology that recognises what your customers need

Automatic Speech Recognition is the foundation of our automated self‑service contact centre experience. Accurate, reliable and extremely versatile, this technology enables your customers to interact with the system by simply using their voice.

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Nuance Recognizer

Nuance Recognizer is the software at the core of our contact centre automation solutions, delivering the industry's highest recognition accuracy while encouraging natural, human‑like conversations for self‑service customer interactions.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Hearing is believing

The latest advances in TTS technology deliver ultimate flexibility in self‑service applications without sacrificing quality. A diverse voice portfolio, multi‑language capabilities, custom voices and powerful tuning tools make an investment in voice talent obsolete.

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Nuance Vocalizer

Nuance Vocalizer is an enterprise-ready spoken output engine that enhances the IVR experience and enables more human, personalised customer interactions. And it comes equipped with 53 languages and over 119 voices.

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Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Smart technology for a seamless self‑service experience

Natural Language Understanding advances the boundaries of human‑machine interaction. By learning and adapting to your customer’s natural input, NLU redefines the user experience and creates new opportunities to improve self‑service interactions.

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Call Steering

Nuance Call Steering lets customers use their own words to describe why they are calling, resulting in a faster, more direct path to resolution while increasing automation, reducing transfers and improving customer satisfaction.

Virtual Assistants

Our virtual assistant, Nina, transforms your website and mobile experiences by engaging with your customers conversationally as a human employee would—all while reducing operating costs and increasing shopping basket value and conversions.

Voice biometrics

Safe and secure by the sound of your customer’s voice

Improving the customer experience, reducing agent‑assisted service costs and cutting down on fraud. This is the proven track record of Nuance Voice biometric solutions, deployed at the world’s most trusted financial institutions and innovative enterprises. Discover a world without passwords, PINs and security questions.

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Replace PINs and passwords with the voice of your customers to deliver easy, efficient and secure authentication for your mobile apps, IVRs and even websites.


Transform the call centre experience by eliminating the interrogation process at the beginning of each call—cutting down average handle time and fraud while increasing upsell opportunities.

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