Nuance Experience Studio - Create omni-channel solutions faster with one common NLU model.

Build once. Deploy across many channels.

Nuance Experience Studio (NES) is a tool that allows organisations to build omni-channel solutions on one Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and grammar model - giving them the ability to create once and deploy across many channels.


In today’s omni-channel world, organisations need each service channel including the IVR and virtual assistant to perform their best. They invest in NLU models to offer a superior experience and must continuously tune and maintain the system to ensure effectiveness. And since in most cases each channel runs off a different NLU engine, there are significant time and financial investments required to create and update along the way. Plus, the customer experience is disconnected and varied from one channel to the next.

Forward-thinking organisations are building omni-channel solutions that create a consistent experience for customers moving from the IVR to a virtual assistant or mobile application. To achieve this, they seek to build one NLU model – or brain – to support all channels and stop supporting multiple NLU models and grammar libraries, which is costly and time-consuming.

To achieve this, they need a tool that allows them to “build once, use many” and deploy that single NLU model across multiple channels.

Nuance Experience Studio allows organisations to build a true omni-channel solution using one NLU model that works for both the IVR and virtual assistant and empowers their employees (including non-speech scientists), increases their ability to self-serve the system and reduces total cost of ownership.

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