Dynamic targeting engine—Track customer behaviour for better customer engagement

Engage the right customers, the right way

The Nuance Targeting Engine helps you engage customers across digital channels with the best interaction—at the best time.

Bring intelligence to life™

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Target your customers with optimised digital engagements

Tag, your customers are it. Just one tag is all you need to enable the Nuance Targeting Engine—and engage customers with any of our digital products. The targeting engine empowers your business to track all user behaviour, demographic information, and other website variables, then easily identify optimal engagement opportunities.

The highly flexible tool can also be configured in limitless ways to target the specific needs of any user group. So don’t waste time on complex installations. Deliver superior customer engagement now.

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Learn how Nuance can help you target the right visitor with the right message at the right time.

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What can the targeting engine do for you?

The Nuance Targeting Engine is a powerful tool for your business. By leveraging user data, you’ll be able to develop optimal, cross-channel engagements. Here are just a few applications.

Learn how the Nuance Targeting Engine can help you optimise customer engagements across digital channels.