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Dragon, the world's best‑selling speech recognition solution, is used by millions of professionals to get work done faster and smarter. Dictate documents, create spreadsheets, search the web, manage email and more using your voice—3x faster than typing and with 99% accuracy.

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Dragon for Enterprise

Improve documentation productivity, enterprise‑wide

Many corporations, government agencies and other organisations face significant documentation requirements as part of conducting business. Inefficient or cumbersome processes too often result in missed deadlines, inaccurate documentation and too much time and money focused on administrative work. Join the thousands of organisations that have deployed Dragon across the enterprise to improve service and documentation and reduce reliance on outside transcription services. Along with the Nuance Management Center (NMC), Dragon can easily be customised and managed enterprise-wide.

Dragon for Small Business

Focus on your business not documentation

When you're running a small business with limited staff, boosting productivity and managing documentation are top priorities. The ultimate productivity software for business, Dragon lets you create reports, presentations and spreadsheets, send email, schedule meetings and search the web using your voice. Become one of millions of successful professionals who are increasing efficiency and reducing costs with Dragon small business software.

Dragon for Education

Enhance the education experience for all

Don't let writing and spelling issues hold students back. Join the millions of students and teachers who use Dragon as an assistive technology for education. Whether your students struggle with writer's block or language-based learning challenges such as dyslexia, Dragon can help improve academic success by letting them speak their thoughts instead of typing. Available for individual use or via affordable volume licensing, Dragon is educational software worth learning about.

Be more productive, on the ground or in the cloud

Dragon's powerful dictation solutions empower you to create mission‑critical documentation with speed, detail, and accuracy.

Dragon for Legal

Improve client services and reduce costs

For today's law firms, success hinges on providing great client service reliably and cost efficiently. But as lawyer-staff ratios continue to shrink, you need ways to maximise efficiency—without driving up costs. Dragon Legal Edition streamlines your legal transcription workflow so that you can speed up document turnaround, focus on billable work and deliver the service that clients expect. It's not just legal software; it's a powerful competitive advantage.

A proven productivity tool for other industries, too

Find out how individuals and business across industries are getting more done quickly, easily and accurately using the power of speech.

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Built for teams, built for enterprise. Ask about flexible licensing programmes with no seat counts or auditing.

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