Dragon Speech Recognition for Insurance

Increase Claims Handling Speed and Efficiency

Streamline the Claims Processing Workflow

Claims documentation inefficiencies are causing rapid cost escalation for insurance carriers of all types and sizes. In fact, field agents and adjusters — who spend as much as 50% of their day typing reports and documentation — find it increasingly difficult to meet claims quotas. Lengthy manual input for forms and reports slows down response to customer claims, compromises the quality and thoroughness of required documentation, and triggers low morale and high employee turnover. Fortunately there’s a better way. Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete documentation. With Dragon, field agents and adjusters can dictate documents three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy — using most Windows-based applications. They can use simple voice commands to collapse multi-step processes and capture and re-use data across multiple, disparate applications.  

Cut Documentation Completion Time
Enable claims agents and adjusters to turn voice into text with up to 99 percent accuracy using virtually any Windows-based application. Dragon enables agents to create documents three times faster than most people type.

Improve Report Quality
Replace the frustrating process of typing with the ability to complete reports by voice encourages claims agents to enter more detail. In addition, enabling agents to dictate session notes while they are still fresh in their minds leads to more complete, detailed documentation.

Streamline the Claims Processing Workflow
With Dragon, preparing claim reports and documentation is three times faster than typing, saving each claims agent several hours per day—which doesn’t even factor the time saving s of automating certain tasks within the process. As a result, claims are processed more quickly for improved customer service. Plus, adjusters are able to handle a higher volume of claims and do so with greater thoroughness and higher quality.

Increase Productivity on the Go
Enable claims adjusters and agents to be more productive on the go by dictating field notes into a handheld digital recorder; Dragon 11 will automatically transcribe the audio files of their voice when they connect the recorder to their PC. With Dragon, time spent on the road or off site doesn’t have to mean even later nights at the office catching up on work. Agents can use in-vehicle and other formerly unproductive time to dictate notes, reports, and other documents— safely and accurately. 

Use Dragon for Claims Litigation, Too
In addition to core claims staff, litigation department of major insurance companies are using Dragon for creating data related to legal services. By dictating with Dragon instead of typing in text, litigation departments can significantly reduce or even eliminate their text processing function for big cost savings.

Reduce Burnout
Help claims agents and adjusters achieve better work/life balance by dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete claims documentation. Address costly turnover by giving these employees the tools they need to handle more claims in a given day. By reducing tedious administrative tasks and fatigue, Dragon helps to increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Manage Large User Networks
Dragon offers administrative tools to manage large user populations. Organizations with large deployments can centrally manage voice profiles, custom vocabularies, and multiple installations. Robust security and configuration options enable administrators to control Dragon usage across the enterprise.