Accessibility matters

Reach your full potential

At work and while in education, people with disabilities and health issues find Dragon helps them get things done faster and easier.

Potential unleashed

Students with challenges like dyslexia, anxiety issues, and physical disabilities can do their best work more easily with Dragon.

“Dragon has been the only thing that has ever served my students well enough.”

— Jodie Parkes, Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) assessor with 20 years’ experience

The student experience

Let users work virtually hands-free

Bethany is a student who uses Dragon to help with her assignments. Watch her story.

Benefits of Dragon

  • Makes it easier to express ideas
  • Reduces causes of anxiety
  • Helps with extreme fatigue
  • Prevents strain injuries
  • Removes barriers to creativity
  • Allows you to do the work faster
  • Barely use of your keyword or mouse
  • Boosts confidence and productivity


Dragon makes it easier to express ideas

Paramedic student improves grades, reduces stress and increases family time with Dragon.

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Accessibility in the workplace

Dragon Professional Anywhere helps people with disabilities to start and stay in work

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Assistive technology at work

Neil was developing repetitive strain injury. He says Dragon “Revolutionised my lifestyle.”

He could spend time with his kids without chronic pain being an issue, work faster and use his voice to control his computer.

Key benefits of Dragon for students and in the workplace

Accessibility solutions for busy professionals

Short‑cut repetitive steps and create accurate documentation 3x faster with robust, highly customisable speech recognition. Optimised for Windows 11, v16 increases productivity with an unmatched suite of functionality that cuts costs for individual professionals and large organisations.

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