Helping public sector efficiency

A people-focused, cost-effective public sector

Dragon speech recognition software, can help the public sector work hard for every person.

Better documentation with Dragon Speech recognition

Reducing documentation bottlenecks for civil servants through:

  • Faster document creation, greater productivity
  • More time available for improving citizen’s needs
  • Accurate document creation and improved compliance
  • Complete and timely case notes and document creation
  • Reduce team burnout
  • Increased on-the-go productivity
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction, and enhance reputation

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Report: public sector strategies for 2022

How leaders can help their teams focus on citizen support by tackling admin burdens

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Dragon helps the public sector become more efficient

Dragon helps the public sector become more efficient

Dragon Speech Recognition helps civil servants spend less time on case notes and documentation to improve the wellbeing of the community.

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The Digital Future of Public Services

Looking after the community and attracting the best talent through cost-effective and speedy processes.

Reduce paperwork, increase productivity

Make more of cloud computing for document creation

The public sector can often rely on outdated technologies, which can hold back progress and reduce efficiency. With Dragon speech recognition, software document production is faster, and it supports mobile working.

Improve performance

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