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The modern legal workplace

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Artificial Intelligence that reduces costs

Don’t let typing hold you back and achieve:

  • Faster document creation
  • Streamline processes, save time
  • Focus your time on billable work
  • Reduce multiple back‑and‑forth editing rounds
  • Grow firm profitability through better accuracy
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction and enhance reputation
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk
  • Reduce administrative burden for IT support

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Giving our Justice a Voice

Giving our Justice a Voice

How speech recognition fits into the digital future of justice

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Our benefits

Accurate dictation and transcription, for effective and secure documentation

Let Dragon work for you

The problem: documentation overload

Increasing documentation demands, restricted deployment options due to their existing IT infrastructure and traditional solutions can be tricky to administer, slowing local machine performance upon deployment.

The solution: Dragon Legal Anywhere

Secure connection to your on‑premise data centre or partner hosted solution.

Easy to install and integrate into your existing IT infrastructure, whilst dynamic profiles allow staff to start dictating with Dragon on any shared PC with no setup required.

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