Dragon Anywhere Dictation for iPhone. Enterprise Grade App

Professional‑grade dictation for mobile professionals

Dragon Anywhere for iOS

Dragon Anywhere is a cloud-based dictation solution that lets busy professionals work faster and smarter using their mobile device. Accurately dictate and edit documents of any length by voice on your mobile device using powerful customization features.

Easy document management

Use your voice to send the document by email or save it to a cloud storage service. You can also import existing documents to further edit on your mobile device.

  • Email your dictated text as an email body or an attachment
  • Supported document formats for import and export include .docx, .rtf, .rtfd and text
  • Save your text to Evernote


Dragon Anywhere has your privacy in mind:

  • All communication with the cloud is encrypted
  • The app does not access your personal information, such as your location or contacts