Mix Dashboard – Tools for IVR & chatbots

Mix Dashboard

Use one central view for managing users, access rights, and project versions and deployments. The Mix Dashboard also allows for promotion flows from a sandbox environment to staging and production environments while letting you control multi‑datacenter, multiregional and hybrid deployment models.

Organise projects and manage access

Manage conversational AI projects across your enterprise. Define the supported languages, channels, and modalities on a per‑project basis.

Promotion flows

Control project versions by integrating with common version management systems. Define deployment packages, and promote them from a sandbox environment to staging and production environments across multiple regions or data centres. Roll back immediately in case of problems with a new version.

Mix “Learn” experience​

We help you get up to speed quickly through good documentation, tutorials, and a set of training videos that you will find in Mix.dashboard’s LEARN tab. That’s also where you will find announcements of the newest feature additions as well as tips and tricks from our experts.

Define omnichannel, multi‑language projects​

Mix.dashboards lets you define new projects in a wizard that lets you easily define target channels, modalities, and languages for your project.

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