AI-based fraud prevention for every channel

AI-based fraud detection for every channel

Stop fraud at the source by identifying and blocking the actual fraudster behind each attack.

Increase security without compromising ease of access

Most fraud prevention strategies add friction to customer experiences or employee workflows and rely on low‑fidelity signals, complex rules, or reactionary analysis.

Intelligent anti‑fraud solutions from Nuance raise the barrier against fraudsters while lowering it for legitimate customers and employees by focusing on the person behind every interaction.


Prevent, detect, and investigate more fraud

Secure every customer and employee interaction while uncovering more fraud patterns and attack vectors.

Real‑world business outcomes

More than 500 enterprises around the world prevent more fraud losses, empower their anti-fraud teams, and contribute to the prosecution of criminals with Nuance.


detection of fraud


reduction in fraud losses


shorter fraud
detection delays


fraud prevented annually


Intelligent omnichannel fraud prevention

Nuance’s AI risk engine layers advanced biometric and non‑biometric fraud detectors to prevent fraud even while streamlining authentication.

Fraud investigation and reporting

Use clustering and pattern analysis to expand your investigation capabilities and uncover new fraudsters. Then run backward searches to uncover them in historical data and build cases with a unified view across channels.

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