Industry-specific expertise


Deep industry expertise. Better business outcomes.

Nuance industry‑specific solutions are designed, deployed, and optimised based on a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in every industry.

What’s the secret behind the power of our industry solutions?

Maybe it’s our large repositories of high‑quality, industry‑specific data. Maybe it’s the billions of AI‑driven, digital engagements and biometric authentications our solutions handle every year. Or maybe it’s that we work hand‑in‑hand with industry leaders to optimise their solutions to meet constantly evolving customer needs.

However you look at it, it all adds up to better AI solutions, better experiences, and better business outcomes.


customer interactions a year inform our industry‑specific solutions

We understand your industry

Man looking at smartphone to explore AI-driven financial services
Woman using smartphone to explore AI in telcom
Man using tablet holding credit card to explore AI in retail
Woman and man using laptop to explore AI in insurance solutions
Woman using smartphone to explore AI in utilities solutions
Woman walking into building to explore government customer engagement
Woman using smartphone to explore AI in retail and hospitality solutions
Couple with tablet researching healthcare customer engagement solutions

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