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Saved annually in tier one carrier leveraging voice biometrics to thwart fraudsters
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Dollars in savings through ONE digital channel at a tier one carrier
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Of voice biometrics users saying it’s more convenient than using a password
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As a contact centre leader, you are faced with many unique challenges. It’s a very delicate balance of seamless engagement, agent training and satisfaction as well as optimising staff productivity all while maintaining the highest standards of service.

While voice interactions are a foundational element in all contact centres, introducing analytics for customer and company interactions(pdf. Open a new window) can help strike the right balance between customer experience and operational efficiency.

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The ROI of Digital Customer Engagement
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Creating an integrated customer experience with Nuance solutions puts wireless carriers at the front of the pack

Customer Digital engagement channels, whether through self-service options like a virtual assistant or through the one‑on‑one personal attention of messaging, give customers the personalised, immediate assistance they want.

On their own, they deliver fast, contextual assistance while cutting the cost-to-serve and taking strain off the contact centre. But, the best experiences—the most satisfying, personalised and efficient ones—are delivered through a combination of self-service and human-assistance. That’s why forward-thinking organisations are increasingly opting for an integrated strategy, where messaging and virtual assistants(pdf. Open a new window) work together seamlessly.

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Capitalise on vast opportunities by putting conversational AI at the centre of your 5G approach

Deutsche Telecom innovated customer experience with Nuance
Learn how voice biometrics delights German customers with quick and secure verification.

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Creating a seamless and secure customer journey—Deutsche Telekom

Customers increasingly demand frictionless authentication across all of the channels they engage with companies. Biometrics solutions have emerged as a means to providing frictionless authentication and have gained attention for their potential to streamline the digital customer experience and prevent fraud.

Enabled by the prevalence of web self-service and mobile applications, behavioural, fingerprint, facial, and retina are among the modalities used today to verify customer’s identities via digital channels. Voice biometrics is another modality and is an integral part of the way contact centres approach security in many parts of the world.

Bolster subscriber security

Dramatically reduce fraud and customer exposure with Nuance Gatekeeper

These unprecedented times create new challenges for contact centre and fraud leaders. More than ever, Nuance voice, behavioural and other biometric solutions deliver the security, speed and convenience that CSPs require and their customers love while preventing increased fraud attacks.

Biometrics in Telecom: Improving Customer Authentication and Fraud Prevention
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Nuance offers fully integrated custom solutions that enhance customer engagement while delivering the right content at the right time on the right channel. All to help you acquire and retain customers, protect their assets and increase brand trust. And all while improving the customer experience and reducing support costs.

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