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By nature, travellers are on the move. They need an omni-channel customer experience that lets them engage with your brand at any given moment, any given place, on whichever device is convenient. Each touchpoint must be updated with their very latest information and offer them everything they need to make their trip run smoothly. Virtual assistants, combined with live chat, can navigate mobile or desktop website users directly to the information and resources they need and provides answers quickly and easily. Outbound notifications and alerts can inform via voice, text or email to keep your travellers informed of changes.

Nuance works with many top travel and transport companies, including Amtrak, Delta Airlines and American Airlines. We bring over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, plus intelligent, omni-channel self-service solutions that decrease servicing costs and deliver a differentiating experience to keep you top-of-mind when customers book their next trip.

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American Airlines case study (pdf. Open a new window)

American Airlines case study(pdf. Open a new window)

Read how Nuance helped the airline reach new heights in customer service while reducing operation costs.

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Southwest Airlines case study (pdf. Open a new window)

Southwest Airlines case study(pdf. Open a new window)

Read how Southwest worked with Nuance to maintain superior customer service during flight cancellations.

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In today’s hyper-connected world, customers want things done quickly, efficiently and on their terms. Hear how American Airlines (US Airways) partnered with Nuance to deliver a dramatically improved customer experience and better business results.

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