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Nuance biometric security solutions enable your organisation to authenticate customers – robustly, naturally, seamlessly – while improving customer satisfaction.

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Prevent fraud and frustration with biometrics

Today's enterprise relies on working with known customers in a friction-free environment. To reach that level of service, businesses need to be confident that customers are who they say they are. Yet for many companies that means putting up walls for their customers – PINs, passwords, challenge questions – that create a frustrating user experience.

That’s where new technologies like biometric security come in. With Nuance biometric security solutions, you can authenticate customers with just their voice, face or other biometric modalities and stop fraudsters more easily. All of which leads to happier customers and millions saved from fraud.

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Biometric authentication: A customer's view

What makes a customer happy? Being able to get right to their problem without having to prove who they are. With Biometric technology from Nuance, customers increase their satisfaction by authenticating naturally with the sound of their voice, face or even the way they interact with the device.

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The need for voice biometrics is clear


Of customers are dissatisfied with today’s automated authentication.

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42 seconds

Average Handle Time (AHT) saved with each call when companies switch to voice authentication.

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Authentication meets innovation

Nuance brings several biometric technologies together to help you deliver a seamless and secure experience for your customers.

Nuance VocalPassword provides state-of-the-art, multimodal biometrics for authenticating customers before they reach an agent. This authentication is achieved using a passphrase, so your customers don’t have to remember a complicated PIN or password.

Nuance FreeSpeech can authenticate a user while an agent is speaking with your customer. FreeSpeech compares the voice on the phone to the voiceprint on file and flags the agent in real time – within 10 seconds of conversation.

Now your customers can choose to authenticate with a selfie (picture taken from their phone).  Customers prefer to have a choice about how they authenticate (sometimes there is too much background noise for voice), and providing another secure biometric authenitcation modality is more than enough to improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, by providing another biometric modality you can created layered authentication which provides additional security for high risk transactions.

Nuance Nina ID adds an unmatched level of security and fraud prevention to conversations on your website, within messaging apps and even via SMS. Empower your customers to be automatically authenticated by saying a simple passphrase or taking a selfie. 

Nuance FraudMiner leverages biometrics security technology and targeted fraud techniques to help your company accurately identify criminals. So you can stop account-takeover attempts and fraudster activities across your account base.

Nuance FastReset is a complete solution for automated and secure resetting of employee passwords and PINs. Using the power of biometrics technology, employees can use their voice to reset network passwords via any telephone – quickly, easily and without your IT staff.


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