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Nuance Transcription Engine

Discover accurate, automatic multi-speaker audio transcription.

Find the real value in conversational audio.

More than ever, organizations are mining their audio data for insights, looking for new ways to improve customer experience, boost workforce efficiency, protect against fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.

But without fast, accurate transcription, you can’t guarantee you’re getting the most value from your audio data. With Nuance Transcription Engine built in, your technology can achieve so much more, whether you’re delivering message transcription, conference call transcription or speech analytics solutions.

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Learn about Nuance Transcription Engine—the fast and accurate transcription engine for conversational audio—and what it can do for you.

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Capturing the spoken word: improving customer experiences with omni-channel transcription and analytics. Explore fast, cost-effective audio mining for contact centers with Nuance.

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Spotlight on: NTE for Speech Analytics

Speech analytics solutions for contact centers are growing in popularity, as organizations look for ways to find more value in their customer interactions. Whether you’re building a full analytics solution as an OEM, or developing your own workflows in-house, NTE gives you fast, accurate transcription—and a vital source of data for discovering new insights.

Combined with Nuance FreeSpeech and Nuance Fraudminer, you can add biometric security and advanced fraud detection to your speech analytics solution, too.


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