Optimize outcomes with PowerScribe Lung Cancer Screening

Ease the burden of lung cancer screening management

A successful lung cancer screening program can help detect the disease in its early stages, before symptoms arise, when more treatment options are available and chances for survival are higher. With PowerScribe One Lung Cancer Screening, an end‑to‑end solution from Nuance, you can reduce workload, automate workflow, and screen and track high‑risk patients.

Learn how Saint Joseph Mercy Health System implemented their lung cancer screening program.

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Effectively manage an end‑to‑end lung cancer screening program

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Optimizing outcomes with results‑driven workflow

Nuance Healthcare Diagnostic Solutions support clinical outcomes analysis, facilitate the transition to value based care models, and enable the shift toward Imaging 3.0™. From end‑to‑end workflow and reporting to analytics and image‑sharing innovation, Nuance solutions help promote efficiency and quality, and improve overall patient care.

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Lower mortality rates with PowerScribe Lung Cancer Screening

Watch this informative webinar with Dr. Vita V. McCabe and learn how the revolutionary Lung Cancer Screening program at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System works today.

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Ease the creation and ongoing management of a lung cancer screening program with the industry’s most proven end‑to‑end solution.

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Learn what PowerScribe Lung Cancer Screening can do for your organization.