Optimize outcomes with PowerScribe Lung Cancer Screening


Drive a comprehensive lung cancer screening program with AI as your co‑pilot

Early detection saves lives, AI‑powered automation saves time and delivers results. Streamline program management with a deeply integrated, proven solution. Free your teams up to focus on what matters most—screening and tracking high‑risk patients.

Prevent patients from falling through the cracks

With the support of PowerScribe Follow‑up Manager and Lung Cancer Screening, Trinity Health Michigan is able to diagnose and track over a thousand cancers each year.


Automate workflow and manage the unmanageable

Close the loop with an end‑to‑end solution

  • Radiology reporting: Leverage your existing PowerScribe reporting investment and use clinical guidance and AI‑driven quality checks to capture appropriate follow‑up recommendations.
  • Analytics and natural language understanding: Extract any type of follow‑up recommendation and track any type of finding from all report data.
  • Lung cancer screening & follow‑up program automation: Track follow‑up recommendations to closure by automating communications to patients and providers via text, EHR, direct mail, and more.
  • Flexible pathway configuration & access to AI results: Gain a comprehensive view of high‑risk patients by connecting point‑of‑read to point‑of‑care with one‑click access to imaging and supplemental AI outputs in the form of data, AI imaging overlays, and PDFs.

One partner, one platform

Extend the value of radiology across an AI powered network that drives performance and outcomes.

Ready to optimize your lung cancer screening program?