Optimize workflow with PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration

PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration

Provide a holistic diagnostic experience that goes beyond the worklist—connect disparate systems and increase efficiencies, enable consolidated access to patient images and information across multiple sources and elegantly manage integration across desktop applications though an intelligent workflow control center.

Learn how Baptist Health South Florida implemented a successful Workflow Orchestration program.

Why Nuance

Optimizing outcomes with results-driven workflow

Nuance Healthcare Diagnostic Solutions support clinical outcomes analysis, facilitate the transition to value based care models, and enable the shift toward Imaging 3.0™. From end-to-end workflow and reporting to analytics and image-sharing innovation, Nuance solutions help promote efficiency and quality, and improve overall patient care.


Drive workflow efficiencies across organizations, systems and users

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Here’s what PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration customers have to say:

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Jonathan Messinger, MD, discusses PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration

Jonathan Messinger, MD discusses the primary drivers in seeking an enterprise worklist solution at Baptist Health South Florida, and the benefits realized as they transitioned to Nuance PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration.

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Provide an intelligent workflow control center

Nuance PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration effectively manages even the most complicated multi-site, multi-specialty environments.

Learn what results-driven workflow can do for your organization.

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