Our culture

Who we are

Our most powerful asset is our people.

We are a global community of doers

Ours is a culture of innovation where breakthroughs happen every day.

Right place, right time, right mind.

It’s not every day that a professional services lead secures a suite of patents, but Haydar was never one to be confined by a title—and the patents he secured for behavioral biometrics in 2018 were the product of a journey driven by curiosity, collaboration, intuition, and a relentless drive to make something that “makes the world a better place.”

Our values

Our values inform everything we do, reflecting our commitment to uncompromising integrity.


Act with integrity

We use our powers for good

We operate with uncompromising integrity, ethics, responsibility, consideration, transparency, honesty, and an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Think big

We seek bold innovations and ideas

We see complex problems as opportunities rather than obstacles, knowing that meaningful progress can be just as important as moonshots.


Focus on the customer

We start by listening

We define success by the satisfaction of our customers, never losing sight of their priorities, goals, and ideal outcomes. Understanding informs everything we do.


Stay curious

We are life-long learners who transcend the status quo

We seek new learning opportunities, share our findings, and work continuously to evolve our solutions and ourselves.


Take intelligent risks

We audaciously lead in a fast‑paced field

We’ve stayed a step ahead by building the collective intelligence and exhaustive experience to know when risk is worth the results.


Fail fast & forward

We own mistakes and move forward with resilience

Errors happen: It’s how we respond that matters. We learn from failure, recovering quickly to try again better, smarter, and stronger.


Strive for excellence

We hold ourselves to the highest standards

Our best is a baseline we continuously seek to improve, maximizing the impact and efficiency of each solution and every situation.


Have fun

We enjoy what we do and celebrate each other

We create an exciting, positive, and inclusive workplace where we cheer each other on and treat each other with respect. No jerks allowed.


Own it

We are accountable

We look to truly own something and go beyond what simply needs to be done. We are self‑aware about strengths and weaknesses so we can improve on both.


Talk about it

We are one team

Great ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. We listen, share, and respectfully debate to reach the best outcomes. We are honest, professional, and ethical.

Partnering with change makers all over the world

We're honored to support the efforts of these global forces for good.


We show up for each other

Holidays, birthdays, friendly competitions, talent shows—we'll take any excuse to get in a room together...even if it's a virtual room.