Dragon Professional Group Documentation Productivity for the Enterprise

Improve documentation quality, turnaround and costs

Empower employees to create high-quality documentation faster and more efficiently, while saving your business time and money with Dragon Professional Group, the enterprise-ready speech recognition solution.

Find out how to deploy Dragon Professional Group across your enterprise:

Work better, faster and smarter with accurate dictation and transcription

Dragon Professional Group-Drive Documentation Productivity Enterprise-wide
Dragon Professional Group-Powered by Nuance Deep Learning Technology
Dragon Professional Group-Streamline Documentation Workflows
Dragon Professional Group-Powerful Customization and Personalization
Dragon Professional Group-Reduce Transcription Time & Costs
Dragon Professional Group-Improve Enterprise Mobility
Dragon Professional Group-Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries
Dragon Professional Group-Center Administration via Nuance Management Center

Robust documentation

The solution

With Dragon Professional Group speech recognition, empower your staff with a faster and more accurate way to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, or fill out form-based reports—in the office or on the road, all by voice. Use robust transcription tools to eliminate reliance on outsourced services, or create and share powerful voice commands to shortcut repetitive, manual processes for additional productivity gains.

Improve enterprise mobility

Improve documentation and reporting for your mobile workforce

Empower field workers, lawyers, social workers, insurance adjusters, public safety officers and other professionals to keep up with documentation demands even when they are away from their desk. Easily integrate Nuance's cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution, Dragon Anywhere Group, into your mobile documentation workflow, and enable mobile professionals to complete documentation requirements in real-time—by voice—via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Nuance Management Center

Centralized user administration made easy


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