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The future of incident reporting

Interact seamlessly with CAD/RMS systems by voice. Fast, safe, efficient, and optimized for Windows 11, Dragon Law Enforcement v16 speech recognition empowers officers to file documentation 3x faster than typing.

Answering the call for today's police departments

Your officers are not clerks. Dragon speech recognition for law enforcement helps your agency stay focused on protecting and serving by reducing time spent on paperwork and administration.

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Feature spotlight

Run plates without losing focus

Now police officers can look up license plates without losing sight of the vehicles they’re tracking. Dragon’s most popular productivity and safety feature makes plate look-up effortless, letting officers input details by voice while keeping their eyes on the road.

Get backup from Dragon wherever the job takes you

Police regularly document citizen interactions in disparate locales that must quickly be tied together. Dragon Law Enforcement v16 excels alongside cloud‑native Dragon Professional Anywhere and Dragon Anywhere Mobile, allowing officers lacking internet to safely “write” reports 3X faster than typing. Meanwhile, fellow officers with 5G coverage can fluidly document reports “live” in the RMS, while officers using Dragon Anywhere Mobile can dictate their notes from witness encounters outside the patrol vehicle. When using Dragon with cloud‑based Microsoft Office, detectives can assemble crime scene evidence and observations to be later edited into a comprehensive report—all by voice.

Nuance Management Center features include central management, full scalability, usage reporting, and license management.

Easy centralized user administration

Nuance Management Center (NMC) enables your IT department to easily track officer usage of Dragon Law Enforcement, redistribute licenses based on usage, and manage or share customizations—including custom words, commands, and Auto‑texts—across multiple users. Dragon Law Enforcement v16 speech recognition software, coupled with NMC and goal‑driven project management and services, provides a complete solution that increases documentation productivity and minimizes support and implementation costs so officers can focus on policing.

Client success stories

Explore why law enforcement officials rely on advanced technology.

Unburden police from the paperwork that keeps them off the streets

Departments of all sizes are using speech recognition to improve the quality of reporting, officer safety, and community visibility.

See what you + Nuance can do

Schedule a demo and see how Dragon Law Enforcement v16 empowers officers to complete their reports 3X faster than typing while staying safe and situationally aware.

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