Dragon Law Enforcement police reporting software

Make incident reporting faster, safer and more complete

Dragon Law Enforcement provides a faster, safer and more efficient way to create incident reports and makes CAD/RMS systems easier to use—by voice.

Learn how hundreds of departments are using speech recognition to improve the quality of reporting, officer safety, and community visibility.

Paperwork burden in policing

A recent survey of law enforcement professionals from across the country uncovered that officers spend more than three or more hours per shift on incident reporting and other administrative work. The survey data also revealed that the administrative burden on officers impacts report quality, community presence, and safety.

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2019 Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Infographic

Key issues facing law enforcement professionals specific to incident reporting and other documentation tasks.

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Fight paperwork

Spend less time on paperwork, more time protecting and serving

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Features and benefits

Empower law enforcement professionals to keep up with documentation demands

Dragon Law Enforcement -Create Incident Reports by Voice
Dragon Law Enforcement-Powered by Nuance Deep Learning Technology
Dragon Law Enforcement-Speed Data Entry within RMS Systems
Dragon Law Enforcement-Improve Situational Awareness
Dragon Law Enforcement-Increase Officer Omnipresence
Dragon Law Enforcement-Eliminate Transcription Time & Costs
Dragon Law Enforcement-PowerMic Option
Dragon Law Enforcement-Central Administration via Nuance Management Center
Law enforcement webinar

Streamline the reporting process with speech recognition

Learn how to create reports faster and more accurately.

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  • See a faster and more efficient way to create incident reports
  • Learn how to speed data entry within CAD/RMS systems
  • Find out how to increase safety while on patrol
  • Improve the immediacy and accuracy of reports
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Improve enterprise mobility

Improve documentation and reporting out in the field

Empower police officers and other public safety officials to keep up with reporting demands even when they are away from their desk. Easily integrate Nuance's cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution, Dragon Anywhere Group, into your mobile documentation workflow, and make it easier for officers to complete reports in real-time—by voice—via their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Nuance Management Center

Centralized user administration made easy

Nuance Management Center

Nuance Management Center (NMC) makes it easy to track usage and centrally manage licenses, user accounts and profiles, administrative settings, and custom words and commands across the enterprise.

Dragon Law Enforcement coupled with NMC and goal-driven project management and services, provides a complete enterprise-ready solution that meets your organization’s specific documentation productivity requirements to improve the corporate bottom line.

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