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Powerful transcription that's ready for work

If you’re a mobile professional—or anyone on the go—who relies on a digital voice recorder or smartphone to capture notes and memos, use Dragon’s robust transcription features to turn your recordings into text quickly, easily and accurately. Dragon can even transcribe another single speaker’s voice from pre-recorded audio files or from podcasts to maximize flexibility and drive productivity.


Capture thoughts anytime, anywhere

Dragon goes where you go. The best ideas are often lost unless you capture them while they’re still fresh in your mind. Using a digital voice recorder and Dragon, capture thoughts—even on the go—for automatic transcription.

Speak your notes, memos and more. Record voice memos to transcribe later. Transform podcasts or the voice of a single speaker into written words. Dragon works the way you work.

Easily transform your voice files into text. Transfer your single-speaker recorded audio files to your PC or Mac to generate a written transcript using Dragon. It's as easy as record, transfer and transcribe.

Looking for a mobile dictation solution? Choose to work with Dragon Anywhere on your mobile device (iOS or Android) for immediate, professional-grade dictation wherever you go. Dragon gives you multiple options to work the way you want to optimize productivity away from your desk.

Features and benefits

Dragon transcription means business

There’s no need to transcribe from scratch or rely on an outside service. Thousands of businesses use Dragon as a transcription solution to increase productivity and reduce transcription costs. Dragon’s powerful transcription capabilities turn single-speaker recorded audio files into transcribed documents—instantly and accurately.

Transcribing with Dragon

The fast, simple and accurate way to turn voice files into text using Dragon. Learn how.

Since Dragon is speaker-dependent software, it’s not designed for use with multiple speakers. Thousands of customers still successfully use Dragon to transcribe interviews or lectures using a basic technique called "voice writing" or "parroting."

  • Record a lecture using a digital recorder or mobile device and download the audio file to your PC or Mac.
  • Activate your Dragon microphone, listen to the recording through your Dragon headset and repeat the recorded text as you hear it.
  • Speaking the text aloud in your own voice enables Dragon to accurately transcribe the audio using the Dragon profile tuned to your voice.
  • Dragon turns your voice into text as quickly as you can speak the words, so there’s no need to constantly rewind the audio while you try to type out the corresponding text.

Professional productivity solutions

Dragon Professional Individual, v15

Drive documentation productivity — all by voice, with the all-new Dragon Professional Individual, v15. Dictate and transcribe documents, create spreadsheets, send an email or add your own personalization, and spend less time on documentation and more time on business-critical tasks.

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Dragon Professional Group

Improve documentation quality, turnaround and costs and empower employees to create high-quality documentation faster and more efficiently, while saving your business time and money, with the Dragon Professional Group enterprise-ready speech recognition solution.

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Dragon Legal Individual, v15

Designed for legal professionals, there’s no better way to streamline legal documentation than with the all-new Dragon Legal Individual, v15. Create, edit and format case files, contracts, briefs and more — by voice — for improved efficiency and costs.

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Dragon Legal Group

Built with a specialized legal vocabulary, Dragon Legal Group enables fast, efficient and accurate dictation of documentation in the office or even while visiting clients. Robust transcription and powerful customizations can be easily shared and deployed across a practice or legal department.

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