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Financial advisors need smarter tools to help manage documentation compliance

An increased emphasis on compliance in the Financial Services industry has advisors and firms looking to balance the growing need to record, document and note client interactions clearly and accurately, while managing heavy documentation demands and costs.

Read the results of the Nuance Dragon Role of Technology in Financial Documentation Compliance survey.

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Financial services professionals face unique documentation demands


Say heavy documentation demands are limiting the amount of valuable “face time" with their clients.


Spend more than 3 hours a day writing client financial plans, regulatory filings or other documentation.


Find their financial CRM system cumbersome to use—too many clicks to navigate, and difficult to record notes.


Say that after meeting or speaking with a client, they have to create at least 1 full page of notes documenting the full detail of their conversation.

Role of technology in financial documentation compliance

Increased regulations require significant demands and standards for maintaining thorough and timely reports, disclosures, and client notes. According to the results of a national survey of financial services professionals, this has placed added time, pressure and costs on advisors as they work to meet compliance and mitigate risk.

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Solving the financial documentation challenge

Infographic: Role of technology in financial documentation compliance.

What financial services professionals say about the increased emphasis on compliance and the impact to documentation, productivity and client service.

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A call for technology

Speech recognition solutions can enable financial services professionals with a faster and easier way to create detailed and accurate documentation that better meets compliance, all while improving productivity.

  • 78% say they would be interested in new tools to complete documentation, drive compliance and increase productivity.
  • 66% say they currently use a combination of mobile and digital devices to complete client documentation and/or mandated disclosures.

  • 93% would be interested in exploring solutions like speech recognition to help create more detailed, accurate and compliant documentation.
  • 81% say their firm is making greater use of standardized templates, forms and disclosures to help mitigate compliance risk.

Drive documentation productivity and compliance—simply by speaking

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Speed data entry within CAD/RMS systems
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Reduce time spent back at the station manually typing reports
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