Ogden Police Department success story

Ogden Police Department optimizes efficiency with Dragon

Dragon gives officers a quick, easy way to dictate and transcribe their notes accurately, navigate their record management systems (RMS) with their voice, and automate common tasks.


Ogden Police Department leadership wanted to find a way for their officers to concisely capture as much information as possible during callouts while staying aware of their surroundings. Nuance accurately understood the challenges and worked with them to implement Dragon speech recognition that’s custom‑built for law enforcement.

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The safety benefits of Dragon became clear in the pilot as 85% of officers said they feel safer using Dragon. Also, many reported that using Dragon helps them sit with better posture in their vehicle and helps them pay attention to their surroundings, which is a huge benefit for officers who are out on the road all day.

Michael Boone
Lieutenant (Retired)
Ogden, UT Police Department

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