NMC Service Notification

Hurricane Florence Service Interruption

Nuance Management Center
Dragon Anywhere and Dragon Anywhere Group

Nuance Cloud Services are deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud, with our primary data center in the East region located in the Virginia area.

Despite not being in the direct path of the storm, given the scale of Hurricane Florence, our Virginia-area data center was impacted, causing an interruption in service for our Nuance Management Center and Dragon Anywhere and Dragon Anywhere Group solutions.

What this means:

• All administrative functions of the Nuance Management Center are unavailable at this time. 
• Users of Dragon Anywhere and Dragon Anywhere Group will experience an interruption in service and will be unable to dictate using their apps for iOS and Android.
• While administrative functions for the Nuance Management Center are unavailable, customers of our Dragon desktop solutions still may continue to dictate without any interruption, as the Dragon desktop applications themselves are separate from the Nuance Management Center.

Nuance is working closely with the Azure team to restore full functionality in a timely manner, and we appreciate the patience of our customers while we recover from this historic storm. Nuance will continue to post updates here, and you can expect to receive follow up messages regarding our progress.