APIs and Mobile SDKs

Enhance your software strategy by connecting your data within the entire enterprise

Nuance APIs are designed to provide connectivity for enterprise infrastructure systems, pushing data out of or importing it into the Customer Engagement Platform.

Make technology work better together

Making your technology work together for better results with minimal effort

Bend your data with broader enterprise systems to effectively present the relevant information within other applications. Nuance APIs enable integration with 3rd party applications, blend data into the broader enterprise reporting systems, add engagement functions to your enterprise ecosystem and help present the engagement experience within your enterprise system’s native UX.




Nuance connects all digital channels so your customers can experience one seamless engagement with you. Delight customers by acknowledging where they are in the sales process or connect them to the right place immediately for a swift resolution. Remove the friction in digital channels and increase customer satisfaction while reducing contact centre costs.    

  • IVR to SMS: Deflect calls by moving your customers out of the IVR and invite them to chat via SMS instead. Utilize Nuance own SMS gateway or integrate with any 3rd party provider for two-way SMS chat using virtual assistants and/or live chat.
  • Campaigns to branded experience: Move your customers from marketing campaigns and search information, like Google click to message, Social Media campaigns, links inside of emails, to a personalized engagement in your digital channels.
  • Invitations from offline media: Invite your customers from offline media to your digital channel, like a billboard, TV ad or a paper invoice. It’s as easy as scanning a QR code or texting a number to start the interaction with your brand.
  • Move customers between channels: From virtual assistant to live chat, from live chat to call—seamlessly move your customers from one channel to another for a frictionless and first-class customer experience.
  • One interface: Integrate our human assisted engagements like live chat into your call center agent or supervisor interface, or the other way around.

Nuance orchestrates inbound and outbound channels to create meaningful conversations. This reduces costs and increases productivity through intelligent call routing, better IVR containment and improved call deflection. Make your IVR aware of recently sent notifications so it can predict why your customer is calling in, for example: 

  • Your customer receives a text message about a delayed flight and calls the number provided in the message. The IVR knows about the delayed flight and offers to rebook it.
  • A fraud alert comes in and your customer can call in and resolve the issue promptly, because the IVR routed your customer to the correct call agent immediately.
  • An appointment reminder allows your customer to call in for changes and the IVR can offer new appointments without escalating to a call agent.

Mobile app developers can quickly develop their own speech‑enabled natural language virtual assistant by leveraging tools provided as part of the Nina Mobile SDK.

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