Nuance Recognizer—using advanced AI to deliver human-like interactions at lower cost

Recognising the power of speech

Nuance Recognizer delivers seamless self‑service and an enhanced customer experience, with lower costs. Choose the market‑leading automated speech recognition engine for more life‑like, personalised customer interaction, driven by advanced AI.

Transform the customer experience

Nuance Recognizer features the industry's highest recognition accuracy, producing natural conversations for the effortless, proactive and intelligent self‑service experience your customers expect. As the core of our contact centre automation solutions, Nuance Recognizer is built on years of industry‑leading expertise, now enhanced with advanced technologies like deep neural networks and machine learning. Our eleventh‑generation Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine is designed to deliver better customer interactions, reduce frustration, and improve customer satisfaction by producing intuitive, human‑like dialogue at reduced cost.

Unparalleled understanding

A built‑in, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine understands and interprets a broad range of words, phrases and full sentences.

Unprecedented flexibility

Enjoy the organisational freedom to create and operate speech resources with cloud‑ready capabilities, sensitive data management and integrated tooling.

Together, these capabilities add up to the modern voice experience: elite accuracy, reliability, and ease‑of‑use that will transform the way you care for your customers.

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Reporting & analytics

Nuance analytic tools maximise the value of your speech‑enabled self‑service tool by:

  • Delivering near real‑time visibility into key performance metrics
  • Changing usage trends through out‑of‑the‑box and customisable reports, modern and easy‑to‑use UI, and drill down capabilities for multi‑level reporting and analysis.

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average reduction in errors across multiple tasks


improvement in semantic interpretation


languages and dialects for your automatic speech recognition (ASR) self‑service system.

Solutions & technologies

Recognising how to improve your IVR

Conversational IVR

Recognizer transforms your automated IVR into an intelligent self‑service system by turning a one‑way dialogue into a complex, omni‑channel conversation between brand and consumer. AI‑enhanced IVR recognises multiple concepts and responds to changing intent, making it faster and easier for customers to get things done.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Recognizer leverages Nuance advanced NLU capability to empower users to interact with systems and devices in their own words for contextually aware conversations that are not constrained by a fixed set of responses.

Our expertise, your success

Nuance professional services leverage years of experience and thousands of successful deployments to offer thought leadership and commitment to your results. We use the latest tools and techniques to design, develop, deploy and optimise your speech‑enabled applications.

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