Nuance Agent Wrap-up

Empower your agents with AI‑powered speech recognition

Improve AHT and FCR with Nuance Agent Wrap‑up.

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Agent Wrap‑up in action

Empower your agents to utilize the speech recognition capabilities of Agent Wrap‑up to document post‑call actions rapidly with human context and insights. Repetitive tasks are automated with “Auto‑Texts”—all while capturing the immediacy of client interactions and transitioning quickly to the next call.

Agent Wrap‑up reduces AHT in the contact center, increases agent satisfaction, and widens the candidate hiring pool by eliminating “great typist” as a job prerequisite.


Putting words to work for contact center professionals

Scale individual agent productivity gains across the entire contact center, while improving AHT and the quality of your resolution database.


Agent Wrap‑up will never leave your agents speechless

Agents work better, faster, and smarter with enterprise‑grade speech recognition that improves AHT and enhances resolution quality.

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