Strong biometric authentication

Authenticate the actual person

Make customers feel recognized, welcomed, and protected.

Eliminate the pain of outdated authentication

Knowledge-based authentication is frustrating and easy to exploit. Device-based verification and one-time passcodes are inflexible and exploitable. None of these factors can support the modern customer journey.

Biometric authentication through Nuance Gatekeeper is the only way to verify people seamlessly and securely whenever and however they engage in every channel.


Protect, streamline, and personalize

Authenticate in seconds based on inherent biometrics and other factors.

Real-world business outcomes

More than 500 enterprises around the world offer better experiences, empower their employees, and realize major cost savings with biometric authentication from Nuance.


increase in customer satisfaction


average handle time reduction


of agents deliver better service


faster customer authentication

ROI Calculator: Biometric authentication cost savings calculator
Case Study: Major Financial Institution Passively Authenticates Customers in IVR Thumbnail (pdf. Open a new window)

Biometric authentication solutions

Reduce friction and increase security in every channel.

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Learn how you can improve customer experiences and save costs with biometric authentication from Nuance.