APIs for Engagement AI Services

Engagement AI Services

Enhance your customer engagement strategy by simply connecting your data across the entire organization. Nuance Engagement APIs are designed to provide connectivity for enterprise infrastructure systems, pushing data out of or importing it into the Intelligent Engagement Platform.

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Making your technology work together for better results with minimal effort

Nuance Engagement APIs enable any organization to integrate with 3rd party applications, blend data with broader enterprise systems to effectively present the relevant information within other applications, and add engagement functions to the enterprise ecosystem.


Supporting the entire customer journey experience

Enhance the customer experience in digital channels

Nuance connects all digital and messaging channels so your customers can experience one seamless engagement with you. Delight customers by acknowledging where they are in the sales process or connect them to the right place immediately for a swift resolution. Use the Customer APIs to remove friction in digital channels and increase customer satisfaction while reducing contact center costs.

  • Deflect calls by moving your customers out of the IVR and invite them to chat, for example via SMS. Utilize Nuance own SMS gateway or integrate with any 3rd party provider for two-way SMS chat using virtual assistants and/or live chat.
  • Move your customers from marketing campaigns and search information, like social media campaigns, links inside of emails, and even from offline media like a billboard to a personalized engagement in your digital channels.
  • Create an experience that your customers will never forget by customizing the design of the user interface and adding rich media for personalized interactions, while ensuring that all engagements are secure.

Improve agent efficiency across the entire contact center

Ensure your agents always have access to all relevant information – in real-time - to assist customers in the most efficient manner using the Agent APIs that integrate relevant information into your contact center, from CRM systems, historic engagements, and more. Combine agent desktops, connect all your agents, virtual and live, to avoid silos, and understand what your agents are doing at any time to improve operational efficiencies and increase agent satisfaction.

  • Integrate Nuance human assisted engagements like live chat into any call center agent or supervisor interface, or the other way around.
  • Enable full communication and scripting support for live and virtual agents, including the ability to integrate with 3rd-party chatbots, virtual assistants, and live agent platforms.
  • Access real-time information about agent statuses.

Explore the Engagement AI Services

Agent Engagement

Allows customers to build an alternative agent desktop or integrate live chat programs into an existing agent application.

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Chat Events

Allows organizations to listen for events from Nuance Live Chat and track that information within third-party web analytic solutions.

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Customer Engagement

Powers third-party messaging channels and native mobile applications on the Nuance platform for communication transmissions between a customer and an agent.

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Data Collection

Supplement data at the customer engagement level and allow agents to record notes while a chat is in-progress or gather for reporting purposes while building a single profile for an individual visitor across multiple devices.

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Used to create and send dynamic messages to seamlessly move consumers to a digital engagement from another channel, such as voice.

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Access real-time and historical data to create bespoke dashboards or custom reporting.

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Nuance Mix—Creativity unleashed

Create intelligent IVR, chatbot, and messaging experiences with intuitive tools built on Nuance speech and AI technologies, APIs, and microservices.

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Learn how you can make your data serve the entire organization.