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Bank Leumi transforms authentication

Cost-effective, multi-factor authentication used at one of Israel's largest contact centers.

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The First Direct Bank of the Leumi Group, one of the largest banks in Israel, is known today for its adoption of innovative advanced technology. First Direct offers its customers remote banking services via phone or the Internet, from any place and at any time.

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Nuance offers an authentication solution that perfectly suits the security needs of our contact center. Our customers love the fact that they don’t have to remember the answers to trick questions, like the fourth letter of their mother’s maiden name, and we love the fact that the calls are shorter and totally focused on prompt banking transactions. Nuance’s team provided us with exceptional support at every stage of deployment.

Amit Lanshiano
IT Operations Manager
LeumiCall, Bank Leumi's contact center


  • 20-30 second AHT for authentication
  • Manual authentication was time consuming, frustrating to customers and insufficient in security


  • Nuance Security Suite


  • Significant improvement of security and convenience for customer authentication


Providing remote services demands advanced customer authentication procedures to ensure the security of private and sensitive information. The First Direct Bank, a member of the Leumi Group, was unsatisfied with its two-step authentication process using PINs and verification questions. The bank found that manual authentication was time-consuming, frustrating to customers, and insufficient in guaranteeing security.

The verification questions constituted approximately 20-30 seconds of each call, and the First Direct Bank realized that the questions could be learned easily by an impersonator. First Direct turned to Nuance to increase security, enhance the customer experience, and improve contact center efficiency.

The First Direct Bank was interested in an innovative solution that would meet the needs of customers, save valuable time, and offer a cost-efficient alternative to its contact center operations. Taking these factors into consideration, First Direct approached Nuance to replace its current verification process with an advanced voice biometric technology. First Direct chose to implement Nuance Security Suite for its high-performance capabilities, its robust design, and its ability to overcome real-life conditions, such as calls originating from mobile phones and background noise.

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