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Brazil telco significantly reduces time to identify fraud with Nuance Security Suite

Nuance Security Suite with voice biometrics enables telco to quickly identify fraudsters attacking its contact centers, and reduce its losses due to fraud

Company profile

One of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil wanted to improve its process for identifying fraudsters. Using Nuance Security Suite, it accelerated its fraud detection process and decreased the time it takes to identify a fraudster accurately. Now, their contact centers are better equipped to detect attackers and to act to reduce the losses of fraud.

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Nuance Security Suite hasn’t just helped us save on fraud attacks, it’s also making our community safer. When we accurately identify fraudsters, we alert the local authorities to prevent repeat attacks.

Head of Fraud Prevention
Brazil Telco


As one of Brazil’s leading telcos, this company handles nearly 15,000 calls a day across multiple contact centers. Whether it’s to make changes to an account or upgrade their device, customers contact the company and may need to speak to multiple agents during their journey—making it easy for fraudsters to slip through the cracks.

“Our previous method for identifying fraudsters just wasn’t sustainable,” explains Head of Fraud Prevention, at the telco. “Fraud in the contact centers accounted for 95 percent of our yearly losses, and we needed a more efficient way to identify attackers.”

The telco wanted a fraud detection tool that could help its contact centers identify fraudsters more efficiently, and serve to reduce its fraud losses.

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