Proactive engagement—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Retail card servicer uses digital channels to "collect smarter"

How Nuance Proactive Engagement improves collection outcomes.

Company profile

A leading provider of loyalty and marketing solutions—such as private label credit cards, coalition loyalty programs, and direct marketing services—operates a card services division with several, sizeable contact centers. These centers employ more than 10,000 agents who engage with end-user customers on behalf of the company’s clients. Handling credit card collections for its diverse client base of more than 1,000 retail brands, the company ensures its clients’ accounts are kept up-to-date so customers can keep shopping.

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  • Need to scale with increased volume, without having to increase hiring
  • Lack of authentication driving up costs
  • Desire to leverage modern communication methods including text messaging to improve brand


  • Proactive outbound collections orchestrating voice, email and text channels
  • Nuance analysis and tuning for continuous improvement in customer success


  • 67% productivity gains
  • $2.8M in annual savings
  • 37% fewer agents required
  • Increase in offline payments


Since the great recession peaked in 2009, card issuers have been slowly rebuilding their customer portfolios. The Federal Reserve reported the total revolving consumer debt is now within 10 percent of its all-time high. With higher debt comes higher delinquencies, and eventually losses.

Companies operating in-house collections operations need cost-effective and efficient customer engagements that drive business results. They must balance how they deploy their resources with making it easy for customers to respond and take the desired action on accounts. And research shows that consumers are increasingly forgetful. They don’t pay after just one contact, they need multiple reminders and conversations, which can drive up costs at a time when budgets are under pressure.

For many years, this retail card-servicer relied on a predictive dialing system to improve the efficiency of its collections operation by automating the process of making outbound calls to past due customers. While still offering productivity gains over human agents placing calls manually, predictive dialers are becoming less effective as consumers have learned to recognize predictively dialed calls and often hang up before the system can connect them to a collector.

Observing this diminished performance, the company decided to augment its collections efforts with something other than just more phone calls. To reach increasingly mobile and digital cardholders, the company wanted to add text and email messaging to its outreach channels. Additionally, the company had a goal to lower its cost to collect by enabling customers to pay their past due accounts without requiring the assistance of a collector.

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