Digital Engagement—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

The ROI of digital customer engagement.

8 examples of companies winning big with virtual assistants and live chat.

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Consumer preferences for service have evolved— customers now routinely use digital channels to complete tasks that once kept phone agents busy. With growing options to assist customers, it has become more challenging for organizations to find a well‑balanced customer experience that helps consumers find answers fast, allows for human assistance when needed and delivers operational efficiency.

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Financial services institutions

  • Implemented Nuance virtual assistant into their customer experience
  • Implemented Nuance live chat for each line of business
Travel brands

  • Collaborated with Nuance to develop their own branded intelligent virtual assistant
  • Deployed Nuance live chat to reduce the number of contact points needed to book or resolve an issue.
Shipping/delivery brands

  • Deployed the Nuance virtual assistant on their web pages worldwide
Telecom brands

  • Integrated Nuance VA with their existing live chat solution


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