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When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect in 2013, it transformed the way millions of Americans consumed healthcare. eHealth – the nation’s first and largest private health insurance exchange, working with carriers in all 50 states – were well‑positioned to help both individuals and businesses navigate their options and enroll in health insurance.

Anticipating the need to cost-effectively manage a significant increase in call volume and comply with federal regulations, eHealth invested in a Nuance Proactive Notifications solution to keep consumers informed and satisfied.

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We knew with the new ACA we were going to see a significant increase in consumer questions, driving up our inbound call volume and agent costs.

Director of Customer Service, Retention & Communication


  • Rising call volume
  • Increasing average hold time
  • Expensive agent interactions
  • Compliance with government regulations



  • 95% customer engagement
  • 94% per message cost savings
  • 4.41 CSat: above expectations
  • 70% peak texting adoption


eHealth expected inbound call volumes to rise significantly during the first open enrollment period under the new law. In addition to fielding consumer questions and concerns, their call center agents would also need to make outbound calls to finalize applications – following up on a payment or tracking down incomplete or missing documents. Compliance with ACA legal requirements not only required increased outreach, it required documentation that the guidelines were met.

eHealth’s standard procedure of posting key information on their website and sending out notifications via email wouldn’t be enough to keep their contact centers from being overwhelmed by the increased volume in inbound and outbound activity. It wasn’t a question of simply hiring more agents – with the expense and ramp-up time that would require – they needed a smarter, more cost-effective way to communicate with consumers.

In an effort to deflect inbound calls and concentrate their call center agents on high value interactions, eHealth chose to automate a significant portion of the outreach required to communicate about missing information and to keep consumers aware of their application status. Working with Nuance, they implemented a Proactive Notification solution to automate routine communications and to quickly compose and send ad hoc messages in response to changing circumstances, including deadline extensions and process updates.

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