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Esurance and modern customer engagement

Nuance and Esurance work together to propel online sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Company profile

Esurance is a multiline insurance company with an A+ financial rating, offering vehicle and property coverage around the country. The brand is a strong example of balancing a traditional and tech-savvy approach to live assistance in customer service. Since Esurance is by design an online insurance brand, they use live chat as a means of communication with site visitors and customers.

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Esurance uses Nuance Live Chat

Valuing their [customers] time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service.

Kate Leggett
"Your Customers Don't Want to Call You for Support"


  • Sell the right product to the right customer at the right time
  • Set the tone by making the experience incredible and seamless from the get-go
  • Improve metric optimization through continuous program and chat agent inititatives
  • Use chat intelligence and analytics to optimize overall customer engagement experience
  • Accelerate customers moving to self-service and reduce chat volumes over time


  • Nuance Live Chat
  • Targeting and business rules were prioritized for maximum efficiency
  • Targeted proactive chat was implemented to engage and assist at-risk visitors
  • Co-browse tool was added to assist and train customers to self-serve in future visits


  • Esurance has been experiencing a significant monthly increase in conversion rates
  • Most Esurance customers said that the online chat experience has saved them a call or email
  • Targeted proactive chat accounts for more than half of chat-assisted sales
  • Using a co-browse tool provided a near 50% increase in conversions compared to the site average


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