Nina Virtual Assistant—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Kaspersky Lab drives customer engagement across sales and service with Nuance Virtual Assistant

Innovative virtual assistant technology reduces call center inquiries and emails by 22% and increases sales order value.

Company profile

Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions. The company is ranked among the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users. Throughout its 15-year history, Kaspersky Lab has remained an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions for consumers, SMBs and enterprises. The company currently operates in almost 200 countries across the globe, providing protection for over 300 million users worldwide.

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Today’s digital-savvy customer is increasingly dictating when, where, and how they want to interact with a company, which is redefining customer engagement,” said Michael Neumeyer, Head of Online Operations DACH, at Kaspersky. “We were looking for a solution that delivered the kind of superior, dynamic online experience that today’s digital consumer demands, while also reducing our support costs.

Michael Neumeyer
Head of Online Operations DACH


  • Long support time queues especially during virus attacks


  • Nuance Virtual Assistant


  • 85% average customer support resolution rate
  • 22% decrease in call center inquiries and emails
  • Global expansion of virtual assistant technology


Known for superior customer support, Kaspersky has always focused on providing the best support experience at no additional cost to the customer. The nature of their business, especially during a new virus outbreak, means their call center is often inundated with calls. During these demanding times, the company knew they needed to find a way to reduce support time queues and quickly address customer concerns, while also offering wider support hours during evenings and weekends. The company needed a 24/7 solution able to meet the demands of the always-on consumer. Of course, they had FAQs and search that forces customers to sort through static data rather than resolving their issue on the spot, but it was an approach that simply did not meet the advanced needs of today’s digital user.

Kaspersky then launched Lena, an intelligent virtual assistant powered by Nuance’s Nina. Initially, Lena was launched in Germany with the goal of providing 24/7 automated, personalized customer service that would also free up support resources for more advanced, paid technical services, such as product installation or configuration.

Kaspersky believed their customers would benefit from a virtual assistant because she is always available to customers, removing the need for them to sit in long call center queues and resolving their issues faster than ever before possible. During the mayhem following a virus attack, she can also disseminate critical information or patches to customers so they can resolve the issue on their own online. The personal interaction Lena provides can also help to assure and calm customers. Overall, a virtual assistant provides a much richer customer experience.

The implementation process took four months. During this time, the Nuance Professional Services team identified possible customer requests and responses that Lena should provide by reviewing Kaspersky call center transcripts. Lena’s identity and visual avatar was also developed.

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