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One of UK’s largest retailers transforms digital customer engagement with Nuance Virtual Assistant

Customers get fast solutions to common problems, and agents get more time to spend on unique cases.

Company profile

A leading UK retailer enhanced its customer experience to support increased contact volumes and free up agents’ time. Using Nuance Virtual Assistant, customers receive automated website support for common problems. Using the data from previous engagements, the virtual assistant provides accurate solutions, allowing agents to focus on complex cases.

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We treat the virtual assistant just like an agent. We train it, manage its performance, and it works as one of the team—and we’re starting to see a lot of value from that.

Business Solutions Manager for Retail
Large UK retailer


As one of the UK’s largest retailers, this company gets thousands of visitors to its online store every day. With an existing webchat in place, customers were able to speak to live agents about any issues they were having during their shopping experience.

But as contact volumes continued to rise, the digital team noticed that many customers were experiencing similar problems—including incorrect promotional code entries, returns and refund issues, and loyalty card difficulties. As issues kept repeating, agents were spending most of their time responding to the same scenarios with stock answers.

The retailer knew it had an opportunity to save its agents time, while still providing customers with solutions to their problems. After making the decision to adopt a virtual assistant, the retailer began the search for a partner that could effectively automate its existing webchat service.

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