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UK’s leading insurance provider transforms its customer support services with Nuance Virtual Assistant

Customers get a consistent experience across all the insurer’s channels, and agents have more time to handle complex cases.

Company profile

Using Nuance Virtual Assistant, the company created a simple, multichannel support hub that routes customers to their required destination faster and gives agents more time to handle complex cases.

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Integrating Nina has been a great opportunity for us. We’re learning a lot more about what our customers are searching for, and it’s helping us create stand-out experiences.

Digital Lead
UK’s largest insurance provider


The company became one of Europe’s largest insurance providers by acquiring a wide range of companies. From these acquisitions, the provider has gained almost 70 different applications, 18 contact centres, and over 3,500 telephone numbers— creating a maze of contact options for customers resulting in nearly 2,500 calls each day and numerous misdirected calls.

The company’s digital team knew they needed to make the support services easier for customers to navigate. They needed a partner that could help them compile its channels into a simple multichannel solution—to help reduce misdirected calls, create a simpler experience for customers, and free up agents’ time

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