Proactive engagement—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

Leading population health management company boosts enrollment

Automation helps lower operational cost.

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Enrollment is the cornerstone of success in disease management programs. Healthcare organizations that deliver disease management and wellness clinical support spend a significant percentage of their budget connecting with patients to enroll them in the programs. And once members are enrolled, the long‑term work of helping them manage their health condition begins. As a result, these organizations find enrollment to be critical for successful healthcare management and operations.

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The rate of engagement far exceeded our expectations and we expect to revamp our entire process based on the success of this initial outreach.

Leading population health management company


  • Increase enrollment into disease management programs to improve overall patient health and ROI


  • Nuance Proactive Notifications
  • A welcome call introduced the plan and offered enrollment or appointment scheduling
  • A follow up call offered to enroll members and reminded them to the postal mailing
  • An appointment reminder call provided additional support and offered transfer to an agent for rescheduling
  • A re-engagement call contacted "missing in action" members, offering encouragement, as well as options to transfer to a live agent


  • 700% (or 7‑fold) increase in initial engagement rate
  • 70% success in obtaining correct phone numbers
  • 50-80% improvement in enrollment and requests to schedule appointments
  • Improved productivity and ROI
  • Use of engagement specialists increased satisfaction with call center
  • Maintained high quality patient experience and received no patient reported complaints


When a leading population health management organization evaluated their existing programs, they determined that their enrollment strategies produced less than optimal results. These strategies included a combination of postal mailings and follow-up calls from care representatives in an attempt to connect with members and enroll them in their programs. The majority of members disregarded the mailings and many were not at home for the calls. Performing this type of live outreach in conjunction with mailings had a high marginal cost and did not scale well to the numbers of members the organization was attempting to contact. Further, it failed to deliver the results the organization needed. While engagement specialists were the gold standard for member contact—when their specialists did contact a member, they were successful at engaging and enrolling them—they found that the expense of this outreach was significantly out of proportion to its results.

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