Success story—Creating an effortless telco customer experience

Global telco takes the lead in digital conversations

The telco has led voice and digital engagement in its industry using Nuance Conversational IVR, Nuance Live Chat, and Nuance Virtual Assistant.

A successful partnership

One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies has led the way for customer experience in its industry with a 17‑year partnership with Nuance. Using Nuance Conversational IVR, Nuance Live Chat, and Nuance Virtual Assistant, the telco has amassed savings while continually offering its customers an effortless contact experience across multiple channels.


Offer customers effortless experiences no matter what channel they choose to engage on.


Using Nuance Conversational IVR, Nuance Live Chat, and Nuance Virtual Assistant (VA), the telco offers customers market‑leading engagement channels that adapt to rising customer expectations.


Working with Nuance, the telco has improved operational efficiency, reduced engagement costs, and boosted customer experience.

Driving innovation to deliver seamless customer engagement

With over 60 million customers worldwide, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies faces a massive customer engagement challenge every day. Its customers expect effortless services, quick solutions to their problems, and the ability to engage on whatever channel suits them most.

Delivering a seamless customer engagement strategy has always been a priority for the telco, but as customer expectations continue to rise, it needs to adapt quickly to keep up.

That’s why the telco chose Nuance as its customer engagement partner—to help drive innovation across voice and digital channels and find opportunities to improve its current offering.

Throughout our working relationship, Nuance has been a trustworthy leader in innovation. They understand our objectives, and partner with us as we strive to attain them.

—Project management team member

Leading global telco

A new approach to voice

Operating in such a volatile market, the telco has always searched for flexible customer engagement solutions that can adapt as new challenges arise.

When the telco was searching for a modern IVR to implement in its voice channel it knew Nuance could meet its demands for flexibility. Using Nuance Conversational IVR, the telco offers customers a streamlined experience and relieves some of the growing pressure on its contact center agents. The telco has worked closely with Nuance since the launch of the IVR and can easily make updates as the market changes—whether it’s adding a new service offering, optimizing IVR performance based on existing conversation data, or even adding additional self‑service capabilities.

Working with Nuance has done much more than just reduce customer engagement costs. It’s enabled us to connect with our customers in new ways and offer them a seamless service they can’t find anywhere else.

—Customer experience team member

Leading global telco

A rush to meet the digital demand

After its success with Nuance Conversational IVR, the telco also came to Nuance for its digital channels. Previously, the telco was working with another provider for its Live Chat service—but as demand for digital channels saw a rapid rise, the vendor struggled to keep up with platform enhancements. The telco needed a new solution, fast. When it came to Nuance with the challenge, it was able to make a deploy chat within an incredibly fast timeline.

Today, the telco works with Nuance using Agile methodologies, making quick updates and improvements based on performance data—and more accurately reflecting customer demands.

After launching Nuance Live Chat, the telco launched Nuance Virtual Assistant. As its customer base continues to rise, it can offer customers quick answers to their problems and reduce the strain on its service agents.

Unmatched outcomes


calls each month with 70%+ containment rate


annual savings with SMS to Chat


current year savings due to VA contact deflection

Engagement channels just get better and better

Over the past 17 years, the telco has made some big changes in its customer engagement, and they’ve led to impressive results.

But it’s not just cost savings that have made the partnership a success—it’s also boosted operational efficiency and improved customer experience. The telco’s IVR currently has an 70%+ containment rate, and Conversational VA handles over 50% of cases without passing the customer onto a live agent.

“Our partnership with Nuance continues to grow,” explains a representative from the telco. “And we’re working closely with them to boost all of our customer engagement channels as we continue to innovate.”

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