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Major US health insurer creates seamless customer experience using Nuance Conversational IVR.

Customer callers now make requests using natural speech, with streamlined, personalized self-service experiences.

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With Nuance Conversational IVR, 1,100 customer intents are recognized giving customers more self-service options and an overall, smoother experience increasing the NPS for IVR by 85%.

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Nuance’s IVR has created a seamless experience for our customers, and it’s inspired us to explore new capabilities for our customer service such as authentication and transfers to digital channels.

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Major US health insurer


This major US health insurance provider has over 13 million customers and offers services to a wide demographic—including employers, agents and brokers, investors and caregivers, as well as the general public. With such a broad range of customers, it receives thousands of different inquiries and requests daily.

Its previous IVR had natural language capabilities but could only recognize 57 different intents. This severely limited how customers could respond and the service routes the insurer could offer them. Customers often found themselves being transferred to the wrong service area, being made to listen to unnecessary information, and sometimes not even getting to the service they needed and ending the call out of frustration.

As the insurance provider’s customer base and number of services continued to grow, the company knew it needed to adapt its service to provide a more seamless experience. And as it was operating with a limited on-premise solution, the provider wanted to find a partner that could offer a more efficient, intelligent platform in the cloud.

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