Conversational, predictive IVR—Omni-channel customer engagement success stories

How a major US retailer transformed its IVR with Nuance.

Creating a more intelligent, predictive IVR experience cut the amount of misrouted customer calls.

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A major retail chain headquartered in the US and operating internationally transformed its IVR experience.

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Since the IVR’s initial launch in 2015, we’ve continued to work closely with Nuance to improve the service, taking a flexible and agile approach to new deployments—our customers see major benefits from that.

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Major US retailer


As customer calls continued to rise for this major US retailer—reaching over 1.8 million calls per month—its legacy IVR was struggling to keep up.

The retailer’s IVR was made up of six separate applications, each dedicated to a different area of its customer services—covering everything from tech support to credit card assistance. With disconnected systems for each department, customers were forced to navigate through a maze of options before they reached their destination. And to add to the frustration, they were frequently getting directed to the wrong place.

In addition to its complicated support offering, the retailer also faced a growing number of repeat callers— customers that weren’t able to solve their issue in a single call.

The retailer partnered with Nuance to implement Nuance Conversational IVR and solve its customer support challenges.

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