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Major US telco offers customers stand-out customer service with Nuance.

The telco’s 12-year relationship with Nuance continues to drive success and innovation in its customer service operations.

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One of the largest mobile network operators in the United States, has been working with Nuance for over 12 years. Starting with Nuance’s Live Chat platform, this telco has since accelerated its digital transformation to take its customer service to new levels. Working with Nuance, the company continually offers new value to its customers through digital channels.

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Flexibility is the key to our relationship with Nuance. Integrating Nuance products with our existing platforms— and new platforms we adopt—has enabled us to offer our customers a unique service that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Major US telco


Every Nuance partnership is different. Organizations face unique challenges and have their own specific priorities, as well as different levels of resources available—which means no two projects are identical. Companies seek Nuance for both infrastructure and flexibility.

Inside an organization as large as this one, there’s a lot going on. As one of the largest mobile network operators in the United States, serving more than 54.5 million customers every year, the company’s reach is significant—and its customer service is critical to its success.

Every year, the organization continues to accelerate its digital transformation, investing in new innovative digital opportunities that simplify customer engagements—and cut down on operating costs significantly. Its determination to consistently offer excellent customer service requires specialists that offer leading customer service solutions.

When the telco began looking for a technology specialist that could offer a robust Live Chat solution, they needed a provider that could adapt to its business model, support its ambitious goals, and fit neatly into its expansive operations. Over the years Nuance has continued to evolve the platform to take advantage of new technology and to align with changing consumer preferences and demands.

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